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Date: 1st Aug 2012, Wednesday

NZ To Sell Old Jets To USA Co

Aircraft from New Zealand’s mothballed Air Combat Wing to be sold to US Company, JDI Holdings, after finally receiving sale approval. The air force’s fleet of eight remaining Skyhawks have been collecting dust since they were grounded since 2001.

It was announced that United States company JDI Holdings had signed a bargain deal worth $7.9 million for the aircraft and the option to buy nine of New Zealand’s Aermacchi jet training aircraft.

The company hoped the aircraft would be in the US and operational by 2013, and would probably be used for training roles within the Defence Department. Currently all the appropriate approvals and licences to export the aircraft are still in the pipeline. Only when that process has been completed will the NZ Government be in a position to announce the final disposal of the air combat force.

Updated On: 12.12.31