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Malaysia recently signed an agreement for two projects to improve environmental performance and technology partnership in economic sectors, and promote sustainable responsible investment. The first project of its kind in Asia under the Asia ProEco program, Malaysia agreed to work on sustainable tourism development.

The world renowned Belum, Matang Mangrove Forest and Gua Tempurong in Perak as well as the Kinabalu Park and Lower Segama in Sabah will be used as a model site for research on promoting eco-tourism destinations in Malaysia. The partners from Malaysia are Malaysia Nature Society in Perak and World Wildlife Fund Malaysia in Sabah.  Their European counterparts are the regional tourism committee of Midi-Pyrenees and Center for Training, Promotion of Brens from France, and Sofis from Spain.

Europe and Malaysia has agreed to build partnerships where they can exchange best practices, methodology and the know-how in eco-tourism and perspective of sustainable tourism development. Royal Belum, Matang Mangrove and Gua Tempurung. The Perak government, where the site is located has confirmed the project boundary forest covers an area of 117,500ha.  The state is working on Eco-tourism instead of logging as a revenue earner. Malaysia will be constructing eco-friendly facilities to cater for the increasing number of tourists.

Updated On: 15.10.15