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Flight Training School For Aviator

The Flight Training School was created to formalise and standardise test pilot training in response to the increasing complexity of aircraft and their electronic systems. Air Force prefers "scientific" degrees, such as aerospace engineering, physics, computer science, chemestry, etc. You will also need to have a good college results to be competitive.

Checkrides are flight evaluations very much like mid-term exams. They count for a huge portion of your grades. Each checkride involves an evaluation of your flight maneuvers as well as detailed one-on-one questions and answers session with your evaluator (tester). Generally, a stressful event, there are many check rides during the Basic Wing Course. Checkrides require you to plan and execute a full 1.3 hours sortie with no intervention from the Instructor. In fact, there will be no instruction offered on these rides. Unlike a daily ride, failure of a checkride results in an immediate Progress Check, which determines if you are fit to stay on with the program.

Based on your grades from daily rides, checkrides, academics, and the all important Flight Commander ranking, your performance will be broken down in to a numerical value and ranked against your class. Your track for Final Phase is determined by how well you stack against your class, how many slots are available for each track, and how many people want each track.

Updated On: 18.10.15