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Royal New Zealand Air Force

Royal New Zealand Air Force ICOA Code: KIW, is based in New Zealand.

The Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF)is the air arm of the New Zealand Defence Force. It was formed from New Zealand components of the British Royal Air Force, becoming an independent force in 1923, although many RNZAF aircrew continued to serve in the Royal Air Force until the end of the 1940s. From a 1945 peak of over 1,000 combat aircraft the RNZAF has shrunk to a strength of around 60 aircraft in 2012, focusing on maritime patrol and transport duties in support of the Royal New Zealand Navy and the New Zealand Army.

In 2001 the New Zealand Government removed the RNZAF air combat capability by cancelling the purchase of 28 Block 15 F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters and disbanding the No 2 and No 75 Skyhawk squadrons and the No 14 Aermacchi squadron. Most of the RNZAF’s fighter pilots subsequently left New Zealand to serve in the Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Air Force. By 2003 the RNZAF was reduced to a total of 53 aircraft and 2,523 personnel (including civilian employees).

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