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United Arab Emirates Air Force - UAEAF Pilot

Training for UAEAF Aviators begins at Khalifa bin Zayed Air College which is located at the Al Ain International Airport (IATA: AAN, ICAO: OMAL) in Al Ain. Trainees selected for the pilot programme go through a rigorous schedule of academics (Basic Level: Military Sciences), fitness and officer training. Those who are selected as cadets then start the second phase of academics - Flight Sciences (Aeronautical Science). Cadets who pass the assessment period of the second phase are designated aviation cadets and start flight training.

1. The first aircraft cadets get to fly is the Grob G115 TA.

2. Those who qualify then go on to fly the Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer where they learn the basics of flying, take-off and landing techniques and procedures followed by a some of aerobatics.

3. In Basic Flight Course, they will fly the Hawk 63. Graduates are graded and assigned accordingly to one of three options: the Advanced Strike course at Minhad on the Hawk 102 aircraft, transport aircraft, and helicopters.

4. At Minhad, the new pilots learn Basic Fighters Manoeuvers, drop bombs and learn to fly cross-country to a neighbouring country, commonly Bahrain or Kuwait. Upon completion of the Advanced Strike course, officers are selected either for the F-16 (Block 60) or the Dassault Mirage 2000-9, both at Al Dhafra Airbase. A few pilots are selected to learn to fly the F-16 with the United States Air Force's 162d Fighter Wing in Tucson, Arizona.


Pilatus has a contract of sbout USD $500 million to provide the United Arab Emirates with a new pilot training system based on its PC-21 turboprop. The deal will cover the delivery of 25 PC-21s from 2011, plus related ground-based training equipment and logistics support. First flight of the new PC-21 was on November 2011. It was delivered to UAE Air Force & Air Defence (Al Ain) in Mid-2011.

Updated On: 12.03.04