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Treviso - Sant Angelo Airport, Italy

The Treviso - Sant Angelo Airport is located in Treviso, Italy on the northern hemisphere. Treviso - Sant Angelo Airport is a fairly large airport and can handle for all categories of aircraft. Situated on the east of prime meridian, Treviso - Sant Angelo Airport is given the airport code of TSF by International Air Transport Association (IATA). International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) assigned Treviso - Sant Angelo Airport the code of LIPH. So where on earth is Treviso - Sant Angelo Airport located? It is located at longitude 12.2 degrees North of the Equator and latitude 45.65 degrees East of Greenwich. It is shown here in Italy on Pagenation.com.

Treviso - Sant Angelo Airport Runway:

  • Runway 07; Heading: 69; Elevation: 56 ft; Length: 7941 ft Asphalt.
  • Runway 25; Heading: 249; Elevation: 51 ft; Length: 7941 ft Asphalt.


Distance from Treviso - Sant Angelo Airport [TSF]:

  • Stuttgart Airport [TSF-STR], Stuttgart, Germany, 406km.
  • Prague Ruzyne International Airport [TSF-PRG], Prague, Czech Republic, 518km.
  • Budapest Listz Ferenc Internationall Airport [TSF-BUD], Budapest, Hungary, 575km.
  • Frankfurt-Hahn Airport [TSF-HHN], Hahn, Germany, 603km.
  • Bari - Palese International Airport [TSF-BRI], Bari, Italy, 623km.
  • Cologne Bonn Airport [TSF-CGN], Cologne, Germany, 690km.
  • Copernicus Wroclaw Airport [TSF-WRO], Wroc?aw; pp?k Stanis?awa Skar?y?skiego, Poland, 698km.
  • Traian Vuia International Airport [TSF-TSR], Strada Aeroport, Romania, 709km.
  • Brindisi - Casale Airport [TSF-BDS], Brindisi, Italy, 724km.
  • Cagliari - Elmas Airport [TSF-CAG], Cagliari, Italy, 757km.
  • Hannover Airport [TSF-HAJ], Hannover, Germany, 779km.
  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport [TSF-CRL], Brussels, Belgium, 785km.
  • Niederrhein Airport [TSF-NRN], Weeze, Germany, 797km.
  • Eindhoven Airport [TSF-EIN], Eindhoven, Netherlands, 817km.
  • Palermo - Punta Raisi Airport [TSF-PMO], Palermo, Italy, 834km.
  • Bremen Airport [TSF-BRE], Bremen, Germany, 858km.
  • Skopje Alexander the Great Airport [TSF-SKP], Skopje, Macedonia, 859km.
  • Trapani - Birgi Airport [TSF-TPS], Trapani, Italy, 861km.
  • Girona Airport [TSF-GRO], Girona, Spain, 864km.
  • Paris Beauvais-Tille Airport [TSF-BVA], Beauvais/Tillé, France, 866km.
  • Cluj-Napoca International Airport [TSF-CLJ], Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 892km.
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol [TSF-AMS], Amsterdam, Netherlands, 917km.
  • Barcelona International Airport [TSF-BCN], Barcelona, Spain, 948km.
  • Sofia Airport [TSF-SOF], Sofia, Bulgaria, 952km.
  • Lviv International Airport [TSF-LWO], Lviv, Ukraine, 992km.
  • Billund Airport [TSF-BLL], Billund, Denmark, 1142km.
  • Ibiza Airport [TSF-IBZ], Ibiza, Spain, 1165km.
  • Valencia Airport [TSF-VLC], Valencia, Spain, 1242km.
  • East Midlands Airport [TSF-EMA], Nottingham, United Kingdom, 1262km.
  • Bristol International Airport [TSF-BRS], Bristol, United Kingdom, 1267km.
  • Leeds Bradford Airport [TSF-LBA], Leeds, United Kingdom, 1347km.
  • Kiev Zhuliany International Airport [TSF-IEV], Kiev, Ukraine, 1452km.
  • Moss Airport, Rygge [TSF-RYG], Rygge, Norway, 1529km.
  • Dublin Airport [TSF-DUB], Dublin, Ireland, 1581km.
  • Sevilla Airport [TSF-SVQ], Sevilla, Spain, 1757km.
  • Mohammed V International Airport [TSF-CMN], Casablanca, Morocco, 2168km.

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