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Aircraft Runway In Italy

R.S.S.T.A.  DECIMOMANNU, Sardinia.

Other nation conduct training operations on the basis of temporary international cooperation agreements. Also received are air forces from nations not belonging to the Nord Atlantic Pact such as the IAF (Israeli Air Force) and, since 1985, the Swiss Air Force.

Decimomannu firing range is located in Poligono di Tiro (Live Firing Range) Capo Frasca [39.751,8.459]. The live firing range is located along the west coast of the island. Italian, German and NATO air force and navy for target practice. It occupies an area of 14 square kilometers on the ground and committed an "area of safety at sea" which is forbidden to navigation. The polygon is connected to the military airport Born Decimomannu, located south of the island, which is the most active air base in Europe. Rests mainly on the areas of the City of Villasor with an area of 18 sq km.


Updated On: 12.09.06