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Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Japan Air Self-Defense Force, is based in Japan.

The JASDF is the aviation branch of the Japan Self-Defense Forces responsible for the defense of Japanese airspace and other aerospace operations. The JASDFalso an aerobatic team known as Blue Impulse. The JASDF has an estimated 45,000 personnel.

JASDF Trainer ~ 260 Aircraft:
50 x Fuji T-7 - Turboprop Trainer.
200 x Kawasaki T-4 - Subsonic intermediate jet trainer (JASDF`s Blue Impulse aerobatic team).
37 x Mitsubishi F-15J/DJ Eagle (McDonnell Douglas F-15) - Two-seat Advanced Jet Trainer.
13 x Mitsubishi T-400 (Hawker 400) - twin-engine transport trainer aircraft.

JASDF Fighter Aircraft:F-4EJ, F-15J / DJ, F-2, F-15J, F-2.

JASDF Helicopter Aircraft: UH-60J, CH-47J, KV-107

JASDF Transport Aircraft: C-1, KC-767J, C-130H, E-767, EC-1, E-2C

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