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Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan Air Force ICOA Code: PAF, is based in Pakistan.

PAF is the air arm of the Pakistani Armed Forces and is primarily tasked with the aerial defense of Pakistan with a secondary role of providing air support to the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Navy. The PAF also has a tertiary role of providing strategic air transport and logistics capability to Pakistan. PAF currently operates about 450 combat aircrafts as well as various transport and training aircraft.

PAF Trainer ~ 450 Aircraft:

150 x PAC MFI-17 Mushshak
20 x MFI-395 Super Mushshak
63 x Cessna T-37 Tweet - T-37Bs, T-37Cs and T-37s is a twin-engine jet trainer.
150 x Saab MFI-15 Safari - MFI-15 is a prop-powered basic trainer aircraft
38 x K-8P "Karakorum" - Hongdu JL-8 (or Nanchang JL-8) is a two-seat intermediate jet trainer and light attack aircraft designed in the People`s Republic of China by China Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation.
25 x FT-5 Trainer - Shenyang J-5 - NATO reporting name "Fresco". Shenyang J-5 was derived from the Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17.
10 x Beechcraft C-12 Huron - Beechcraft Super King Air Transport Trainer

PAF Fighter Aircraft: F-16C / D, F-16A / B, , , JF-17, Mirage III, F-7P / PG.

PAF Helicopter Aircraft: Alouette III, Mi-171.

PAF Transport and Reconnaissance Aircraft: An-26, Boeing 707, Airbus A310, Cessna Citation V, Gulfstream IV, C-130, CN-235, IL-78MP, Phenom 100, Fokker F27 Friendship, Saab 2000, Mirage IIIRP, Falco UAV, Jasoos II Bravo+.

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