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Pilatus Aircraft

P.O. Box 992, 6371 Stans, Switzerland.

Pilatus Aircraft Limited is an aircraft manufacturer located in Stans, Switzerland. Pilatus is located at Buochs (LSZC) airport, which is an ex-airforce base, with two long runway, circled by mountains and lakes.

The company was established in 1939. They built their first aircraft, SB-2 Pelican, in 1944. Soon after, Pilatus started building the P-2 trainer for the Swiss Air Force. Followed by the P-3 military trainer in 1953.

In 1959, the civilian PC-6 Porter was introduced. This popular utility aircraft and its successor, the Turbo Porter. Pilatus introduced the PC-11 (also known as the B-4) all-metal glider in 1972.

1978 saw the first flight of the tandem-seat PC-7 Turbo Trainer. Pilatus built the first PC-9 Advanced Turbo Trainer in 1984. An introduces the PC-7 MkII Turbo Trainers in 1994.

The latest-generation PC-21 advanced trainer was rolled out in 2002. 19 PC-21 was delivered to the Singapore Air Force in 2008 and a further 6 PC-21s to the Swiss Air Force.

Updated On: 12.05.29