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Short Tucano T1

The Short Tucano T1 aircraft is build by Embraer.

The Short Tucano T1 (S.312) is a two-seat turboprop basic trainer used by the Royal Air Force. It is a license-built version of the Brazilian Embraer EMB-312 Tucano by Short Brothers company. 130 Two-seat basic trainer was built for the RAF.

Short Tucano T1 made its maiden flight in 1980. Short Tucano T1 was introduced into active service in 1983.

Short Tucano T1 has an overall length of 9.86 meters (32.2_ft). It has a wing span of 11.14 meters (36.4_ft). The overall height of 3.4 meters (11.1_ft). The wing area of Short Tucano T1 is of about 19.4 sq.meters (208.8_sq.ft.). The overall weight of an empty aircraft is about 1810 kilograms (3,982.0_lbs). And it has a maximum take-off weight of about 3175 kilograms (6,985.0_lbs). Short Tucano T1 can reach a maximum speed of about 458 km/hr (247.3_knots, 284.6_mph). And the Short Tucano T1 has a maximum crusing range of about 1916 kilometers (1,190.5_miles, 1,034.6_nautical miles). Aircraft can reach a service height of about 9150 meters (29,920.5_ft).

The turboprop engine powered Short Tucano T1 uses 1, Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-25C turboprop. It can deliver a total power of approximately 560 kilowatts (751.0_shaft horsepower).

Total Number of Short Tucano T1 Built: 624.

The Short Tucano T1 is operated by the following airlines:

  • Royal Air Force [RR].

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