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Split Airport, Croatia

The Split Airport is located in Split, Croatia on the northern hemisphere. Split Airport is a medium sized airport. It can handle only smaller aircraft. It has a control tower and facilities such as a filling station and runway lightings. Situated on the east of prime meridian, Split Airport is given the airport code of SPU by International Air Transport Association (IATA). International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) assigned Split Airport the code of LDSP. So where on earth is Split Airport located? It is located at longitude 16.3 degrees North of the Equator and latitude 43.54 degrees East of Greenwich. It is shown here in Croatia on Pagenation.com.

Split Airport Runway:

  • Runway 05; Heading: 53; Elevation: 70 ft; Length: 8366 ft Asphalt.
  • Runway 23; Heading: 233; Elevation: 50 ft; Length: 8366 ft Asphalt.


Distance from Split Airport [SPU]:

  • Zagreb Airport [SPU-ZAG], Zagreb, Croatia, 246km.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport [SPU-FCO], Rome, Italy, 384km.
  • Vienna International Airport [SPU-VIE], Vienna, Austria, 509km.
  • Munich-Reim Airport [SPU-MUC], Munich, Germany, 639km.
  • Stuttgart Airport [SPU-STR], Stuttgart, Germany, 790km.
  • Frankfurt am Main International Airport [SPU-FRA], Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, 930km.
  • Berlin-Schoenefeld International Airport [SPU-SXF], Berlin, Germany, 1004km.
  • Cologne Bonn Airport [SPU-CGN], Cologne, Germany, 1067km.
  • Dortmund Airport [SPU-DTM], Dortmund, Germany, 1099km.
  • Hannover Airport [SPU-HAJ], Hannover, Germany, 1106km.
  • Duesseldorf International Airport [SPU-DUS], Düsseldorf, Germany, 1119km.
  • Charles de Gaulle International Airport [SPU-CDG], Paris, France, 1217km.
  • Copenhagen Kastrup Airport [SPU-CPH], Copenhagen, Denmark, 1368km.
  • London Heathrow Airport [SPU-LHR], London, United Kingdom, 1532km.

Updated On: 12.06.05