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Quatro De Fevereiro Airport, Angola

The Quatro De Fevereiro Airport is located in Luanda, Angola on the southern hemisphere. Quatro De Fevereiro Airport is a medium sized airport. It can handle only smaller aircraft. It has a control tower and facilities such as a filling station and runway lightings. Situated on the east of prime meridian, Quatro De Fevereiro Airport is given the airport code of LAD by International Air Transport Association (IATA). International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) assigned Quatro De Fevereiro Airport the code of FNLU. So where on earth is Quatro De Fevereiro Airport located? It is located at longitude 13.23 degrees South of the Equator and latitude 8.86 degrees East of Greenwich. It is shown here in Angola on Pagenation.com.

Quatro De Fevereiro Airport Runway:

  • Runway 05; Heading: 47; Elevation: 235 ft; Length: 12190 ft Asphalt.
  • Runway 07; Heading: 68; Elevation: 240 ft; Length: 8530 ft Asphalt.
  • Runway 23; Heading: 227; Elevation: 232 ft; Length: 12190 ft Asphalt.
  • Runway 25; Heading: 248; Elevation: 223 ft; Length: 8530 ft Asphalt.


Distance from Quatro De Fevereiro Airport [LAD]:

  • Malanje Airport [LAD-MEG], Malanje, Angola, 347km.
  • Cabinda Airport [LAD-CAB], Cabinda, Angola, 380km.
  • Catumbela Airport [LAD-CBT], Catumbela, Angola, 404km.
  • Nova Lisboa Airport [LAD-NOV], Huambo, Angola, 515km.
  • Ndjili International Airport [LAD-FIH], Kinshasa, Congo (Kinshasa), 554km.
  • Maya-Maya Airport [LAD-BZV], Brazzaville, Congo (Brazzaville), 558km.
  • Kuito Airport [LAD-SVP], Kuito, Angola, 566km.
  • Lubango Airport [LAD-SDD], Lubango, Angola, 676km.
  • Namibe Airport [LAD-MSZ], Namibe, Angola, 722km.
  • Saurimo Airport [LAD-VHC], Saurimo, Angola, 796km.
  • Luena Airport [LAD-LUO], Luena, Angola, 798km.
  • Menongue Airport [LAD-SPP], Menongue, Angola, 806km.
  • Ngjiva Pereira Airport [LAD-VPE], Ngiva, Angola, 948km.
  • Leon M Ba Airport [LAD-LBV], Libreville, Gabon, 1119km.
  • Sao Tome International Airport [LAD-TMS], São Tomé, São Tomé and Príncipe, Sao Tome and Principe, 1255km.
  • Hosea Kutako International Airport [LAD-WDH], Windhoek, Namibia, 1581km.
  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport [LAD-LOS], Lagos, Nigeria, 2037km.
  • Harare International Airport [LAD-HRE], Harare, Zimbabwe, 2178km.
  • OR Tambo International Airport [LAD-JNB], Johannesburg, South Africa, 2490km.
  • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport [LAD-NBO], Nairobi, Kenya, 2753km.
  • Maputo Airport [LAD-MPM], Maputo, Mozambique, 2788km.
  • Cape Town International Airport [LAD-CPT], Cape Town, South Africa, 2846km.
  • Bole International Airport [LAD-ADD], Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 3457km.
  • Hurghada International Airport [LAD-HRG], Hurghada, Egypt, 4579km.
  • Madrid Barajas International Airport [LAD-MAD], Madrid, Spain, 5749km.
  • Lisbon Portela Airport [LAD-LIS], Lisbon, Portugal, 5779km.
  • Dubai International Airport [LAD-DXB], Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 5931km.
  • Francisco de Sa Carneiro Airport [LAD-OPO], Porto, Portugal, 6003km.
  • Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro Galeao [LAD-GIG], Rio de Janeiro Galeão, Brazil, 6200km.
  • Charles de Gaulle International Airport [LAD-CDG], Paris, France, 6518km.
  • Guarulhos International Airport [LAD-GRU], Rodovia Hélio Smidt, Cumbica - Guarulhos, Brazil, 6534km.
  • Frankfurt am Main International Airport [LAD-FRA], Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, 6564km.
  • London Heathrow Airport [LAD-LHR], London, United Kingdom, 6836km.
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol [LAD-AMS], Amsterdam, Netherlands, 6849km.
  • Beijing Capital International Airport [LAD-PEK], Beijing, China, 11775km.

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