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Esenboga International Airport, Turkey

The Esenboga International Airport is located in Ankara Esenbo?a, Turkey on the northern hemisphere. Esenboga International Airport is a fairly large airport and can handle for all categories of aircraft. Situated on the east of prime meridian, Esenboga International Airport is given the airport code of ESB by International Air Transport Association (IATA). International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) assigned Esenboga International Airport the code of LTAC. So where on earth is Esenboga International Airport located? It is located at longitude 32.99 degrees North of the Equator and latitude 40.13 degrees East of Greenwich. It is shown here in Turkey on Pagenation.com.

Esenboga International Airport Runway:

  • Runway 03L; Heading: 36.3; Elevation: 3100 ft; Length: 12303 ft Asphalt.
  • Runway 03R; Heading: 35.4; Elevation: 3097 ft; Length: 12303 ft Asphalt.
  • Runway 21L; Heading: 215.4; Elevation: 3125 ft; Length: 12303 ft Asphalt.
  • Runway 21R; Heading: 216.3; Elevation: 3123 ft; Length: 12303 ft Asphalt.


Distance from Esenboga International Airport [ESB]:

  • Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport [ESB-SAW], Istanbul, Turkey, 323km.
  • Atatuerk International Airport [ESB-IST], Istanbul, Turkey, 366km.
  • Adana Airport [ESB-ADA], Adana, Turkey, 402km.
  • Antalya International Airport [ESB-AYT], Antalya, Turkey, 407km.
  • Malatya Airport [ESB-MLX], Erhac Malatya, Turkey, 477km.
  • Hatay Airport [ESB-HTY], Hatay, Turkey, 482km.
  • Gaziantep International Airport [ESB-GZT], Gaziantep, Turkey, 526km.
  • Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport [ESB-ADB], Izmir, Turkey, 543km.
  • Ercan International Airport [ESB-ECN], Nicosia, Cyprus, 555km.
  • Erzincan Airport [ESB-ERC], Erzincan, Turkey, 558km.
  • Milas Bodrum International Airport [ESB-BJV], Bodrum, Turkey, 561km.
  • Elazig Airport [ESB-EZS], Elaz??, Turkey, 567km.
  • Trabzon International Airport [ESB-TZX], Trabzon, Turkey, 581km.
  • Sanliurfa GAP Airport [ESB-GNY], Abdurrahmandede, Turkey, 610km.
  • Diyarbakir Airport [ESB-DIY], Diyarbakir, Turkey, 670km.
  • Erzurum International Airport [ESB-ERZ], Erzurum, Turkey, 696km.
  • Mardin Airport [ESB-MQM], Mardin, Turkey, 737km.
  • Batumi International Airport [ESB-BUS], Batumi, Georgia, 742km.
  • Batman Airport [ESB-BAL], Batman, Turkey, 742km.
  • Mus Airport [ESB-MSR], Mu?, Turkey, 759km.
  • Kars Airport [ESB-KSY], Kars, Turkey, 857km.
  • Agri Airport [ESB-AJI], Yolluyaz?/A?r?, Turkey, Turkey, 857km.
  • Van Ferit Melen Airport [ESB-VAN], Van, Turkey, 908km.
  • Erbil International Airport [ESB-EBL], Arbil, Iraq, 1051km.
  • Nakhchivan Airport [ESB-NAJ], Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan, 1071km.
  • Heydar Aliyev International Airport [ESB-GYD], Baku, Azerbaijan, 1444km.
  • Vienna International Airport [ESB-VIE], Vienna, Austria, 1578km.
  • Imam Khomeini International Airport [ESB-IKA], Tehran, Iran, 1676km.
  • Vnukovo International Airport [ESB-VKO], Moscow, Russia, 1749km.
  • Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport [ESB-MED], Medina, Saudi Arabia, 1842km.
  • Munich-Reim Airport [ESB-MUC], Munich, Germany, 1912km.
  • Stuttgart Airport [ESB-STR], Stuttgart, Germany, 2103km.
  • Frankfurt am Main International Airport [ESB-FRA], Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, 2197km.
  • Cologne Bonn Airport [ESB-CGN], Cologne, Germany, 2324km.
  • Duesseldorf International Airport [ESB-DUS], Düsseldorf, Germany, 2366km.
  • Doha International Airport [ESB-DOH], Doha, Qatar, 2389km.
  • London Stansted Airport [ESB-STN], London, United Kingdom, 2815km.
  • Kabul International Airport [ESB-KBL], Kabul, Afghanistan, 3237km.

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