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Billund Airport, Denmark

The Billund Airport is located in Billund, Denmark on the northern hemisphere. Billund Airport is a fairly large airport and can handle for all categories of aircraft. Situated on the east of prime meridian, Billund Airport is given the airport code of BLL by International Air Transport Association (IATA). International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) assigned Billund Airport the code of EKBI. So where on earth is Billund Airport located? It is located at longitude 9.15 degrees North of the Equator and latitude 55.74 degrees East of Greenwich. It is shown here in Denmark on Pagenation.com.

Billund Airport Runway:

  • Runway 09; Heading: 87; Elevation: 215 ft; Length: 10172 ft Asphalt.
  • Runway 27; Heading: 267; Elevation: 244 ft; Length: 10172 ft Asphalt.


Distance from Billund Airport [BLL]:

  • Copenhagen Kastrup Airport [BLL-CPH], Copenhagen, Denmark, 220km.
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol [BLL-AMS], Amsterdam, Netherlands, 477km.
  • Oslo Gardermoen Airport [BLL-OSL], Oslo, Norway, 509km.
  • Bergen Airport, Flesland [BLL-BGO], Bergen, Norway, 557km.
  • Brussels Airport [BLL-BRU], Brussels, Belgium, 621km.
  • Frankfurt am Main International Airport [BLL-FRA], Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, 636km.
  • Stockholm-Arlanda Airport [BLL-ARN], Stockholm, Sweden, 678km.
  • London Stansted Airport [BLL-STN], London, United Kingdom, 725km.
  • London City Airport [BLL-LCY], London, United Kingdom, 762km.
  • Edinburgh Airport [BLL-EDI], Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 781km.
  • Manchester Airport [BLL-MAN], Manchester, United Kingdom, 782km.
  • Charles de Gaulle International Airport [BLL-CDG], Paris, France, 871km.
  • Riga International Airport [BLL-RIX], Riga, Latvia, 921km.
  • John Paul II International Airport Krakolw-Balice Airport [BLL-KRK], Balice, Poland, 949km.
  • Bergamo - Orio Al Serio Airport [BLL-BGY], Bergamo, Italy, 1120km.
  • Treviso - Sant Angelo Airport [BLL-TSF], Treviso, Italy, 1142km.
  • Vagar Airport [BLL-FAE], Vagar, Faroe Islands, 1171km.
  • Pisa - San Giusto - Galileo Galilei International Airport [BLL-PSA], Pisa, Italy, 1344km.
  • Zemunik Airport [BLL-ZAD], Zadar, Croatia, 1366km.
  • Carcassonne Airport [BLL-CCF], Carcassonne/Salvaza, France, 1476km.
  • Ciampino Airport [BLL-CIA], Roma, Italy, 1570km.
  • Girona Airport [BLL-GRO], Girona, Spain, 1607km.
  • Alghero - Fertilia Airport [BLL-AHO], Alghero, Sassari, Italy, 1681km.
  • Palma De Mallorca Airport [BLL-PMI], Palma De Mallorca, Spain, 1861km.
  • Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport [BLL-CFU], Kerkyra Island, Greece, 1962km.
  • Trapani - Birgi Airport [BLL-TPS], Trapani, Italy, 1998km.
  • Alicante International Airport [BLL-ALC], Alicante, Spain, 2071km.
  • Luqa Airport [BLL-MLA], Luqa, Malta, 2247km.
  • Malaga Airport [BLL-AGP], Málaga, Spain, Spain, 2356km.
  • Faro Airport [BLL-FAO], Faro, Portugal, 2447km.
  • Madeira Airport [BLL-FNC], Funchal, Portugal, 3252km.
  • Gran Canaria Airport [BLL-LPA], Gran Canaria Island, Spain, 3658km.
  • Tenerife South Airport [BLL-TFS], Tenerife Island, Spain, 3698km.

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