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Indian Air Force Training Command

Training Command traces out its lineage from the No.2 Training Group which was set up immediately after India Independence in 1947. Training Group was redesignated as Training Command in 1949. Although its headquarters is located at J C Nagar, Bangalore most of the flying and ground training establishments are located in central and southern India.

Flying training is provided to pilot trainees from National Defence Academy (NDA), the National Cadet Corps (NCC) or directly from universities. Trainees other than NDA cadets are first sent to the Pre-Flying Training School at Begumpet for six months before actually joining the Air Force Academy.

As per the hierarchy of the training exercises that the IAF carried out:

  1. Airmen Preliminary Training (Ground School) at Airman Training School located in Sambra Air Force Station, Belgaum. Before the commencement of Flying Training, the pilot hopeful will first be provided technical training on the Kiran Mk-1 or the HPT-32. This involves imparting theoretical understanding and then a practical demonstration on all systems of the aircraft.
  2. Stage I (Basic): A Trainee Pilot would get eighty hours of flying over a 24-week (4-month) period at Dundigal Air Force Academy or  Basic Flying Training School (BFTS) Bamrauli. The new trainee pilots are trained using the HPT-32 Deepak aircraft before selected pilots graduated to the second stage of fighter pilot training.
  3. Stage II (Advanced): Trainee Pilot will train for the next 24-week (4-month) period using the HJT Kiran Mark-II Aircraft at Air Force Academy in Bidar Air Force Station. At the end of this stage, you are awarded the President's Commission in the rank of Flying Officer and are also entitled to wear the coveted Wings.
  4. Stage (final) III (Specialization): Depending upon aptitude, you are streamed for specialisation on Fighter, Helicopter or Transport aircraft. Trainee Pilots are selected to continue to one of these three tracks.

Helicopter Training School (HTS), Hakimpet Airbase - Chetak. Followed by a semester at Helicopter Training School in Yelahanka, Bangalore.

Transport Training Wing (TTW), Yelahanka Air Force Station - Flying the An-32.trainees instructed in all aspects of route flying, as well as gain exposure to the intricacies of flying passengers, casualties, freight, para-drop missions and the like. On completed this stage, the fully trained Pilots will be posted to an Operational Transport Squadron.

Fighter Training Wing (FTW), they will use the Hawk Aircraft at Hawk Operational Training Squadron (HOTS) located at Bidar Air Force Station. The pilots are put on a MiG-21 FL trainer. It is basically a MiG-21 fighter converted into a trainer and part of the MiG Operational Flying Training Unit (MOFTU) in Chabua Air Force Station.

Flying Instructors School (FIS), Tambaram Air Force Station - HPT-32 , Kiran

Navigation Training School, Begumpet Air Force Station - HS-748

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