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RSAF (Singapore) Air Force Training Command

The Air Force Training Command (AFTC) was established to provide robust training and education support for the Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF) Operational Commands.

The AFTC will centralise foundational air warfare training for *ALL* RSAF Airmen under one entity. This allows for a common RSAF identity, values and foundation to be instilled across all RSAF vocations and enables training to be streamlined to promote and enhance cross-vocational education and understanding at an early stage. The AFTC structure will enable the trainees across the RSAF vocations to leverage on each other to develop a stronger sense of air warfare.

Flying Training Institute (FTI) - FTI oversees and brings all flying training schools for manned and unmanned platforms. Flying instructional standards and best practices within the RSAF are also better governed through the Standards Squadron.

Air Warfare Training Institute (AWTI) - AWTI oversees all ground training for the Airmen, including ground training for pilot and UAV trainees, as well as trainees in the Command, Control and Communication (C3), Ground-based Air Defence (GBAD) and engineer vocations.

Training Development Group (TDG) - TDG anchors the development of personal competencies and curriculum. It also facilitates the planning and conduct of new professional development courses for the RSAF servicemen and trainers to ensure that the courses provide the latest content and are the most relevant to the RSAF’s needs.

Updated On: 18.10.15