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Date: 17th Jul 2004, Saturday

More Russian Tourists are coming to Dubai

russianThe Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing began a major advertising campaign in Russia to tap into its vast tourist market.  In the year 2004, more then 300,000 Russian visitors is expected to in hotels in Dubai.  The number of Russian tour operators featuring Dubai increased by more the 30% over the previous year.  There will be month long print and outdoor advertising campaigns featuring UAE travel destinations in Russia.  For more information visit www.emirat.ru (in russian only) to have a first hand grip on how we are being promoted in Russia.

Majority of them (85%) will probably come here during the winter months.  Russian tourists traditionally consider UAE as a winter destination for sports and active recreation.  Their preferences stick to the banal formula of "beach and skis."  Hotels with a beach front will be very busy during these months.

Updated On: 15.02.17