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Singapore, the Monaco of the East

The new Casino in Singapore may generate about $1.7 billion of gaming revenue a year, Merrill Lynch said in a 16 March 2005 report, with "international premium players" making up 13 percent of the total. The old adage holds "The House ALWAYS Wins". The integrated entertainment center would match gaming income from restaurants, conferences and malls. And we are put into the F1 motor racing calendar, this figure could easily be doubled. If the Casino is sited in Marina Bay, Singapore could be like Monaco which widely seen as one of the most famous F1 racing circuits because of its tight roads, and unrelenting barriers - is kept on the calendar simply because of its F1glamour and history since holding its first GP in 1929. Singapore could be that, with the new Casino and an integrated F1 street racing track. The first Singapore casino will be in Sentosa by mid-2010, and the other larger one at Marina Bay a year later.

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