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Date: 31st Dec 2014, Wednesday

Lim-O-Seng is here

Singapore longest car on the road will be a 8 metre long special version of Chrysler 300 aka the Limo Seng (limousine). The limo, which seats eight passengers, is twice the length of a normal Chrysler 300. According to LTA they "would be the longest stretch limousines to be registered in Singapore".Previously, six stretch limousines were registered here, each about 6m long. However five have since been deregistered, leaving only one stretch limousine, the Maybach 62, still registered to a private hire company.

The Chrysler Limo has a J-shaped leather couch; a fully-stocked bar complete with ice bucket for champagne; a stereo, DVD player and Huge LCD television screen for entertainment; as well as tinted windows for privacy and special lighting that can be adjusted to suit every mood. This limo can be rented from Lotus Limousines which is ideal for high-end visitors during the Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1 Grand Prix race next September and the high-rollers who are likely to patronise the two integrated resorts (Kashin-No) being built here. Riding in this Chrysler Limo will costs about SGD350 per per hour. And for drinks, be prepared to pay at least USD35 extra per person shot. According to sources, Ah Mat, owner of this Limo Seng , paid half a million Singapore Dollars for it - the car powered by a 3.5 litres Mercedes Benz Engine and was built in Austria, modified in England.

Updated On: 18.10.15