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Singapore in Lonely Planet 2010 List

According to Lonely Planet, could Singapore be the next Las Vegas or Dubai. Singapore's new mega-resorts, iconic buildings, and over-the-top entertainment are shaking up the destination's sobel reputation. Also in 2010, Singapore will host the first Youth Olympic Games. Three massive projects are set to open in 2010. A major Las Vegas developer has reached a golden finger across the Pacific to create the Marina Bay Sands, the first casino and resort in Singapore. The resort, set to open this winter, includes three hotel towers topped by a "sky park" with gardens, 360-degree views, restaurants, and a swimming pool. The resort will also house a museum, whose architecture was inspired by the shape of a lotus blossom, as well as a mall with shops, restaurants, cafes, and an indoor canal.

Updated On: 11.12.26