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Surrounding David at the National Museum

Presented by National Museum of Singapore by Titarubi (Indonesia) and admission is free. Surrounding David at National Museum Rotunda, Level 1. The work investigates various dialectical relations between the imaginary perfect circular space and the sculptural object, through the figure of David. The replica of David, made in resin, 8.5 meter height, will be placed at the centre of the space, mimicking the typical European piazza and its anchor-statue. Then another layer of force, in the form of textile ornaments usually used for kebaya, will cover the whole surface of the statue, thus figuratively obliterating the centrality of the figure.

This will be a breath-taking installation at the Rotunda. A rotunda is any building with a circular ground plan and covered by a dome. The rotunda have historical and architectural value because it was widespread in the medieval Central Europe. Great number of parochial churches were built in this form in the 10th Century A.D.

Updated On: 08.08.12